Aoi Industries
私達は90年代よりアートやデザインを横断的に活動し、2006年にAoi Industries,Inc.を設立、TV 本 CD Web Game 携帯電話 あらゆるエンターテイメント向けに、アートワークを制作しています。

We have been active in art and design since the 1990s, established Aoi Industries, Inc. In 2006, and we keep creating artwork for TV CD Web Game mobile phones for all entertainment.
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Company details Please feel free to ask. On the other hand, We are researching and developing parts for bicycles and scooters. There is our old site. We plan to split the site by business. Soon it will be...
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Aoi Industries,Inc. provide skill and inspiration by creator with appropriate management based on organic commucication..
背景・版権キャラ・武器等々... 継続的なお仕事有ります
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